What can a good body massage do for your body and life?

What can a good body massage do for your body and life?

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A good day is a day with great body massage

What is the best way to unwind after a tough week? A great massage definitely! Some of the massages such as Aromatherapy, Thai Body Massage or even a Back Massage will surely give you the relaxing experience you need. It is also one of the most common thing in Malaysia where we pamper ourselves with body massage as a leisure and enjoyment. Let us look into the top benefits of a great massage session.

  • Promotes good blood circulation – Body activity such as Thai Body Massage and Aromatherapy stimulate the the nerve and vessels beneath the skin to improve blood circulation. In the process, it also helps to benefit your skin texture through elimination of body toxins. Metabolism is also said to be improved through body massage as it generate heats throughout the session.
  • Improves flexibility – Thai body massage especially is great at increasing our flexibility through it’s assisted yoga steps. Other than that, regular massage reduces flab and tone up muscle too by burning up some fats through the stretching and deep pressure technique.
  • Better mood – Body massage such as aromatherapy and Thai traditional stimulate reflex points of our body which then releases certain hormones that will relieve stress and calm our mind. Massage session is definitely an activity for stress management.
  • Ease body ache – If your body is aching due to overworked muscle or workout, a good massage can definitely make you feel better. A good massage usually relax your body and a relax body and mind reduce the pain.
  • Keeps you healthy – Good massage can provide relief from nervous breakdown and stress related situations like insomnia and tension. Massage relieve fatigue and lethargy when it is properly delivered to our body. Toxin released during massage will be discharged through blood to the kidneys where they may be filtered and eliminated.
  • Gives you a good deep sleep – Needless to say, we all feel good and relaxed after a body massage session. In such state of relaxation, it’s easy to have good sleep.

These positive effect of body massage can last up to two days depending on other factors such as the types of oils used. For the effect to last longer, alcohol is not recommended after any massage session. While most people feel good right after massage, the ultimate benefit of body massage is the ease of long term problems through a consistent and regular massage session. Weekly massage is excellent to keep our body toxins free and fresh.

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