Is Your Job Hurting Your Back?

The jobs with risk of back pain

Is Your Job Hurting Your Back?

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Almost everyone experienced back pain at some point. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 people experience back pain eventually. Our back has so much muscles and ligaments that tend to ache and strain from overworking.

Whether you sit too much or stand too much, you get back pain either way. You may be already experiencing pain in the back if your profession requires you to work a lot at the computer, and the discomfort that a stretch or walk won’t be good enough to give you the relief needed. And when its finally time to get off work, you thought you’d get the well deserved rest, but instead you got stucked in the traffic for hoursss… adding up to the strain on your back.

The top 5 jobs that take a toll on your back:

  1. Uber/Grab Driver
    • You spent hours on the road. The request keeps coming. You just got stationed in your car for long hours.
  2. IT Personnel
    • If you are not working on your laptop, then you are probably working on the servers. So much of sitting and bending.
  3. Nurses
    • A job that requires you to walk a lot during your shift. From transferring patients to moving equipment at fast pace. While the job may seem easy, it is definitely a job with high stress level.  All these contribute to development of back pain.
  4. Flight Attendant
    • Being a flight attendant has it’s perk together with some major unseen setback. While being able to work and travel, it is also regarded as a stressful job. For a start, they work in a closed small area which are dry too. It is made worse for the body when it is a long flight. The sleep deprivation may caused sleeping disorder that adds up to the stress and the muscle tense.
  5. Mother
    • Never ever think that being a good mother is something anyone can do. It requires so much of sacrifice and hard work without knowing because of the love for the children. From breast feeding to buckling the baby to the seat, all these little things adds up to contribute to the development of back pain.

At footsie we understand that a body ache relief can helps you relax and perform better at work. Our signature Back and Shoulder massage is designed specially to ease your back pain from work. While there’s nothing much we can do for the bad traffic and your work environment, we want to give you the relief you needed for your back pain.

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