How often should you get a massage?

The frequency of massage you needed depends on when you start and when was the last time you had one.

How often should you get a massage?

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Before we answer the question, perhaps there is another question to be answered first. “Do we need a massage?” While many understand the benefit of massages such as body massage, Thai massage and etc, there are plenty more who do not go for massage at all. The fact is that, you never really know you need one until you go for one. For those who do not fancy massage, usually are not aware that some of the body ache and muscle tense can be treated with the right massage. Over the years, the muscle become so tense and stiffed where a massage session wont really help anymore.

For those who understand the benefits of massage, how often should you get one? Ideally, you should get a massage whenever you feel that you need one. But massage can be pricey nowadays especially when times are bad. Even so, it is best if every now and then, say two weeks once is good enough. As long as you do not let your muscle tense up again. If you are just beginning your massage therapy, a more frequent sessions will be needed. It gets lesser and lesser over time when your muscle loosen up. With our daily work and continuous muscle straining, our body gets tired easily and muscle tense tend to happen after a while. It is important to understand your body tension level to determine how frequent a massage is needed.

At footsie, we encourage people to start massage as young as possible. It is a misconception in Malaysia where people believe massage is not necessary when they are young. Another misconception is that massage place are dirty and for men only. Footsie aims to get more youngster to start their first massage session and create a safe space for ladies. The environment of Footsie is modern and hip where at a glance, it does not look like a massage place. In order to provide a transparent and clean image, footsie layout is based on open concept where we do not hide. With a single glance, you will know that this is not a dodgy place for sleazy people. Despite the modern and hip look of this place, we have the most qualified and authentic massage services. Our masseuse are from Thai and have at least 10 years of experience in providing massage therapy.

So if you are a regular massage goer, or a first timer, come to Footsie and enjoy a pampering massage session that you deserve.
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